to HTMLSnap!

A tool to convert a Snap! project into a singular HTML file.

Select a Mode

Please read each option carefullly before continuing!


Integrate custom modified Snap! JS files into the HTML. Alows for lots of customizability. Note that since these are custom files the Snap! version isn't guaranteed to be the latest, breaking the Snap! project. If this is the case, consider using Compatibility mode.


Integrate the latest Snap! JS files written by the Snap! developers into the HTML. Once the HTML file is built, the Snap! version will not change. No customization is possible with this mode. Choose Safe mode if the built HTML file doesn't display properly.

Safe Mode

Instead of integrating the Snap! JS files into the HTML, load them from the internet when the HTML file is openned instead. The Snap! version will always be up to date. Internet connection is required to load the HTML file. No customization is possible with this mode.

Your project is not stored on the server and is only kept in memory temporarily to process your project.

Note: JavaScript must be enabled in your browser in order for the HTML file to load.